Say goodbye to the Mob Mentality, Justice and the Liberal Political Machine

Ladies and Gentlemen, a gross and unspeakable crime is being conducted against the American People day in and day out. Many contemporary journalists dance around proverbial ‘ethical boundaries’ by writing to stir emotion without empirical support for the purpose of fullfilling an Agenda. It is fair to say that accusations can be directed toward both sides of the political arena.

But recently our ex-Washington Post writers over at POLITICO have danced well over the line into the blatantly reckless, un-American, garbage spewing standard that we measure the worst of the liberal elite (i.e. Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, all of MSNBC, and that Morning Joe closet liberal guy that makes my ears bleed when I switch the channel in the morning during a Squawkbox commercial break.)

This unspeakable crime is a technique utilized by the Politicos and Liberal Elite to go beyond biased finger-pointing and name calling by utilizing what most Americans consider to be ‘the Media’ to stir up popular consensus often without legitimate support (evidence), due-process, or even considerable thought. Continue reading

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