Beat the Deficit – Tax The Rich versus Cutting Spending: You Decide

The debate in Washington taking place behind closed doors, in the supercomittee, is one that all Americans should be part of. What happened to Obama’s promise for transparency? Instead of the debate regarding whether to cut spending, raise taxes or impose both on the American People taking place in the open forum called Congress, Congress chose this summer to shirk their responsibilities by agreeing to a short term funding of the National Budget in lieu of ordering (possibly politically destructive) spending cuts.

Congress decided to leave the planning to a ‘supercomittee’. A group of representatives of Republicans and Democrats, etc. are debating behind closed doors the future of US fiscal policy. What a sham.

The House and Senate were elected by the People as representatives. For representatives to elect representatives to do the tough decision making behind closed doors is a blatant disregard for Congress’ responsibilities. These Congressmen and Congresswomen absconded the tough job of cutting programs—many with humanitarian causes, by putting the responsibility on the supercomittee allowing them to be dissatisfied and to comment without taking any responsibility for the outcome. When will our elected officials do what is right for America and make tough decisions without regard for their political survival? What happened to honor, patriotism, and knowing and doing what is right: holding Country over Personal Agenda? Continue reading

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