‘Your Opinion Matters’ is a political blog with weekly posts from the blog editor, John Jardine, that include hot topics, not so hot topics–but important ones, and other interesting thoughts all of which are meant to proliferate debate. Opinions will bound—in comments but also in articles.

At this blog, you opinion really does matter; all political perspectives are welcomed and encouraged. Personal attacks, rude retorts, and general unpleasantries will not be allowed and will be removed by the blog editor. At ‘Your Opinion Matters’, respectful, thought provoking, and challenging debate is encouraged in ‘comments’ without crossing the line that would characterize a comment as vitriol.

You can reach me directly on the “Contact John” page. I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

About John:

I am a young professional living in Dallas, TX. I grew up in New Jersey, went to The Lawrenceville School, and moved to Texas in 2004 where I continued my education at Southern Methodist University. After taking a few pre-business classes, I switched gears and elected to focus on the classic liberal arts; I obtained a dual major in English and History while at SMU. My concentrations gave me a unique perspective into the American and British commentary on both the French Revolution and American Enlightenment (immediately prior to American Independence) such that primary sources (e.g. popular literature, political commentary, etc.) from that time defined many concerns about the future success of the New World and its pubescent political system.

While the new American Republic had (and has) great potential, many writers of the Revolution expressed concerns about ‘Mob Mentality’, and the ability to manipulate large groups of people with generalizations and hate speech that is otherwise unsupported by fact. These writers recognized the challenges any Republic could be expected to face to provide unbiased and unfiltered reporting of facts. (Think of it like this: these ‘thinkers’ were concerned that American Voters could potentially become Lemmings subject to direction by media outlets with an Agenda.)

These profound concerns and conversations abound in literature and political commentary from the time of the American Revolution because the material was at the forefront of the national dogma.

Since these problems were considered at this great Nation’s founding, I feel—like mentioned earlier, to have a unique perspective on the conversations taking place in the contemporary political arena. Many of the concerns of the great thinkers of the American Revolution, I am sorry to say, have come true. Popular media and 24-hour news feeds have warped Americans’ sense of reality and, most unfortunately, self-reliance—i.e. the ability to conclude one’s own opinion after the consideration of all facts. Instead, politicos feed Americans their opinions daily, hourly, and every second it seems; just look at Twitter.

This blog, in addition to bringing my background (which it might be pertinent to mention has no professional political experience), is meant to slow everyone down. It calls on readers to consider the issues and facts before making your opinion. Because after all, it is you who decides where we go from here; as such, Your Opinion Matters.

While my career is in commercial real estate, I enjoy staying current on the news and debating popular and controversial social, economic and political topics with my friends—when they can stand it.

In the event that you feel compelled to reach me directly, please feel free to send emails to jhjardine@gmail.com or submit comments on the “Contact John” page.

I also love sending out tweets and re-tweeting certain posts that I find compelling. You can follow me @johnhjardine
John’s professional Bio can be found at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnhjardine

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