Fast and Furious – unabashed arrogance puts Obama in a tight spot; but is it better than the alternative for POTUS?

For those readers who watch MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or CNN, you may not be familiar with the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, in addition to countless others, by weapons provided directly from the U.S. Government (specifically the ATF–“Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms”) to Mexican drug cartels and other vagrants. The operation, coined internally by the U.S. Government as operation “Fast and Furious”, was presumably orchestrated in border States like Arizona and Texas to facilitate crime scenes where murder weapons would be traced to U.S. firearms salesmen thereby providing the Obama Administration fabricated evidence that Americans’ coveted 2nd Amendment rights (the right to bear arms) to be indirectly responsible for Mexican drug cartel and other U.S./Mexico Border related violence.

Obama is in a tight spot because….. Continue reading

China and the next Real Estate Bubble

We all try to stay ahead of the fray. People speculate on when certain industries, fads, and even traditional products will meet their Tulip Mania artificial expansion that always precedes a ‘bubble burst’. In the late 90’s and into the new millennium, it was not difficult to find someone who was willing to say, “The real estate bubble will surely burst; it is just a matter of when.” Well, as we all know, ‘when’ occurred in the United States around 2007 and early 2008 when non-credit worthy Mortgagees (Borrowers/homeowners, etc.) started defaulting en-mass on subprime mortgage loans. The rest is of course history.

Might I chime in and offer the next Tulip Mania looming over the beautiful blue planet Earth: China’s real estate market. Ha! “Market” –if you can call it that.

Please enjoy the following Dateline video on China’s ghost cities:

What is your opinion?

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