Failed Foreign Policy: You’re going to close the Strait of Hormuz!? Excuse me?

According to BusinessWeek, Iran was bluffing when it threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz yesterday. Threatening to conduct military exercises in the busiest oceanic oil shipping corridor in the World is downright antagonistic. Oil prices shot through the roof yesterday as rumors of the event caused the price for Brent Crude to jump from $3.84 per barrel to $111.10 per barrel.

I would say that it is fair to assume plenty of smart people saw the Iranian power play as a legitimate threat to the global oil supply. I read an article on yesterday that described the planned military exercise as Iran’s proverbial flexing of muscles intending to send a message to the West that it will not be amenable to interference of its development of nuclear fusion, which they opine is solely for energy production purposes.  …..yeah, and the Pope wears a funny hat!  –oh, he does wear a funny hat?

People, wake up for a second here. You are telling me that the Western World Powers (really Allied Command–lead by the United States and the highest Executive Office therein) is so lame that it allowed for this Iranian threat to World Market stability–really “terrorism” by way of a passive-aggressive attack on free enterprise under the guise of a military exercise—to go unanswered and tolerated to the point that economic prognosticators had to start hedging the risk that the Iranians might actually do it!? You have got to be kidding me!

Now I know we are having some problems at home. I mean let’s face it, we are all pretty absorbed with the US Economic calamity, and while we may stare at the mess across the Atlantic Ocean and mumble about irresponsible spending and debt crises, we need not take our eye of the ball.

The Iranians, currently beating the “Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs” Kim Jong il of North Korea, present the greatest threat to World Peace and U.S. National Security. To date, I am unable to have a clue where the U.S. game plan is with this guy– Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the current President of Iran, elected via the sham (I mean ‘disputed’) ‘democratic’ election held in 2009.

I really wish I could tell you what I think of our official position on Iran. We continue to support U.N. Sanctions against Iran.  But even ‘double-secret probation’ hasn’t stopped the garrulous Ahmadinejad.

Here is what I was able to find from

“President Obama’s public statements indicate that he remains committed to pursuing a tactical engagement policy towards Iran in the near-term while reserving the potential for increased sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program in the coming year. The Obama administration maintains U.S. policies toward Iran that it inherited from previous administrations, including a series of financial and weapons proliferation-related sanctions, cooperative nonproliferation programs, and regional partnerships. Deviating from his predecessor, however, Obama may engage Iran in bilateral talks, and has identified a September 2009 timeline for assessing the effectiveness of an engagement policy.” goes on to detail the last few administrations, including Obama’s, policies toward Iran. Right now it seems like Obama says that aside from ‘tactical engagement’ he wants to talk, and that this is really all Bush’s fault. The Obama Administration is full of really smooth talking smart academics who sell their Liberal Passivism by dressing it up with descriptions of unilateral, bilateral and even trilateral talks. How many laterals can there be, and what the heck are you talking about?

This guy, Ahmadinejad, is toying with us. You can see it in his smile; he just loves this. The backdoor is open! This is the chance for an incredibly un-stable, un-democratic, Israel-hating, Iran to acquire nuclear weapon making technology where the worst scenario includes Iran losing or even selling weapons to ill-tempered terrorist cells and radical factions–or Iran itself using weapons on Israel or elsewhere.

Obama takes the high road and sticks his nose up to aggressive, war-mongering conservatives like Bush. He apologizes for past transgressions and all but promises passivity. The President of the Free World defers to the United Nations—as if their rule supersedes U.S. Sovereignty.

I protest! President Obama, “This ‘no policy’ policy is not working. Step up the ‘tactical engagements’ or ask Congress to do what it takes to control this madman.

Stop blaming predecessors and be a Leader.

Focus on solutions instead of complaining.

Stop manipulating the American People by using buzzwords and hanging on to legislation that is as substantive as a ‘house-of-cards’ (ie your ‘jobs bill’).

Stop apologizing for previous administrations—you have no right.

Stop believing your own legend, and respect the ‘office of the president’ as your predecessors appreciated as being more important than any one man. The Office of the President of the United States of America transcends the ‘man’ (or woman) and represents the highest office in the land….you would do well to remember that.

Stop throwing our only stable democracy in the Middle East, Israel, under the table by ‘agreeing-to-disagree’ in your ‘unilateral’ talks with Ahmadinejad.” goes on to say the Obama Administration policy toward Iran says, “its public discussion of the substance of potential engagement with Iran and instead referred to a general reconciliation process, aimed primarily at deterring Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon, which will be carried out through multilateral and bilateral talks.” i.e. let’s ‘agree-to-disagree’; we are all friends, and can you ‘please’ give us back our lost drone? We will ignore your desire to wipe Israel off the face of the Planet and ask you nicely to please not develop Nuclear Weapons. What’s that? Oh, you are worried about being in default on your U.N. Sanctions? Well, that’s okay, ‘we’ll agree to disagree that those should be enforced and we will look the other way.”

What a joke.

What is your opinion?

2 responses

  1. The United States continues to antagonize the rest of the world by being a modern day hegemony. It should not be involved with Israel and if I was Iran I would dislike us too. If Iran decided to provide weapons to Mexico I think we would be a tad bit concerned. Iran has the right to control its borders just as much as the next country. If we want to fix this problem in Iran then we should try producing a puppet leader, just like we do in most cases when we don’t like another’s policies. Then if a country criticizes are policies we just brush it off, and U.S. politicians make comments against those countries which feeds right into the medias goal of getting those juicy sound bites. This country does not do enough looking in the mirror.

    • Adam, we support Israel because they represent the only democratic regime in a highly un-stable region. Without the threat of U.S. retaliation, Israel would be attacked by Muslim Extremists who intend to make ‘Jihad’ on the Israeli People–which would represent taking action on Muslims’ understanding that Israelis don’t actually exist. Yes, that’s right. Many Muslim nations refuse to acknowledge their neighbor’s existence–which I would say goes well beyond ‘not liking your neighbor’.

      World Peace is served by backing Israel. Both the U.S. and Israel have mutual benefits from the allegiance, but to metaphorically ‘shake their hand’ in public and ‘agree-to-disagree’ with Iran in multilateral negotiations in private is beyond contradictory–it’s a slap in the face to our Israeli allies.

      Iran should know better. They are the antagonists. People complain of U.S. multi-national involvement as if it is a bad thing. We provide record breaking Global Aid to struggling countries. We promote fair and balanced free market economies through U.N. Sanctions and other fiscal policy. We lead by example by adopting environmental regulations when we find, when adopted unilaterally, them to be effective and fairly implemented causes. And finally, we ensure our own (and our Allies’) National Security by controlling the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, with the support of the Western World, to ensure that the unthinkable does not occur.

What is your opinion?

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