A Commentary

For those readers who took time to read my first post, thank you. I am afraid that I have just now developed a new interest: watching the statistics on popular blogs—and of course my infantile one-post creation.

That said, I noticed upon reviewing the first post on this blog that drafting the post on the ipad was not wise. As a novice, I suppose I am expected to make these mistakes and include countless spelling and auto-word replacement errors (complementary of Apple) to my own chagrin. I will remember to draft posts on my desktop going forward—mea culpa.

This commentary is not solely meant to act as an apology though. I want to expound upon the intent of “Your Opinion Matters.”


I will not copyright—even with an informal request, the thoughts and prose on this blog. I trust that anyone that repeats the ideas herein will provide sourcing references as they deem appropriate. I do not care either way.

These posts are meant to start dialogue. The dialogue should serve to grow public discourse on these subjects—whether in agreement or not.  These posts are meant to be repeated, and I would be delighted to know that someone improved upon these thoughts with their own perspective in the interest of increasing awareness; hence the blog’s name:  “Your Opinion Matters.”

I intend to upload a new post once per week.


One response

  1. All valid and good points, John. All one had to do was see Gloria Allred (did she ever meet a camera she didn’t love?) parade her latest client in front of the media and watch them gobble it up. Then she had the gall to label him a “serial sexual harasser”. Where was she when all of Clinton’s women were coming forward? One more point – have you noticed how quietly AOL has allowed Huffington Post to be their news carrier? Talk about biased and slanted news reporting!

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